Gold Child  is a Brooklyn-based country/psych pop project fronted by singer/songwriter, Emily Fehler. Fehler moved to New York after finishing her studies at Berklee College of Music. As she began the process of coming up for air in Brooklyn, she developed an obsession with the music made by the great female troubadours of country music’s golden era — namely the work of luminary songstresses Patsy Cline and Emmylou Harris. Seduced by the raw emotion and timeless melodies of the classics, Fehler — a gifted vocalist herself — had found a new direction and sought to apply her own stamp to the form. With the addition of ethereal, shimmering atmospherics to her own folk songs, Fehler laid the groundwork for what would become Gold Child’s unique sound. 

“She might be from Brooklyn, but the steel guitars driving this track give it an Americana feel that's part relaxing day on the seaside and part spending the evening under the stars on the ranch. The stars and the planets aligned when [‘In Between’ ] was written to make it an instant classic.” -Refinery 29

“Lushly laced with reverb, pedal steel and background harmonies… There’s a lovely, softly focused haze to ‘Roses,’ which dovetails with her swooning voice and nostalgic songwriting.” -Rolling Stone

“The melancholic ‘In Between’ shows off a real sense of classic ’70s country, but with a modern twist and a dreamlike atmosphere that makes it clear why people have also compared her to Mazzy Star and Angel Olsen.” -Brooklyn Vegan

“If you're looking for the perfect song to celebrate the final days of spring fading into the hazy days of summer, look no further than ‘Roses.’” -Wide Open Country

"Gold Child's ambitious new single, "White Water" is a stunning step in the right direction. Gold Child, who has been breaking new ground for the better course of the year, delights on her latest piece that resonates with a melodic enchantment that will have you eager to hear more." -PASTE MAGAZINE

 "We can't wait to hear what else Gold Child has up their sleeve for 2017. We're on the edge of our seats." -PASTE MAGAZINE

 "The beauty of music is that it so often exists as a dichotomy between its intangibility and overwhelming ability to make us feel. Through sound alone and with no personal connection or previous knowledge, we can identify and empathize with an artist’s pain, ecstasy, heartbreak and tragedy. Gold Child exemplifies this powerful contradiction with their latest single..." -ATWOOD MAGAZINE

 "If you’ve had any past misgivings about country music, do yourself a favor: throw them in the trash and take a first listen below to “Tides”, by Gold Child. It will surely change your mind." -AUDIOFEMME